Mission and Values

Our Mission

Katy Bible Church exists to glorify God through our witness of Jesus Christ in gospel-centered worship, community, service and disciple-making. Our witness starts in this local fellowship, extending into our immediate community and outward to the remotest part of the earth.

Our Values

Katy Bible Church is committed to the Word of God as our source for becoming His disciples. Therefore we are committed to expositional preaching each Sunday.

The elders of Katy Bible Church affirm God's design of the family and the church as a family of families. Therefore we want to see our families prosper in the faith and consequently see our whole church prosper and be built up

We consider "families" (or "households") to be an inclusive term embracing parents and children, married with no children, children and adults, married and unmarried, widowed, orphans, young and old. God provided the household to be the primary vehicle of preparing a people for Himself, but these households must see themselves as an integral part of the vast church of God.

Therefore we envision each individual, each household and the whole congregation:

  • To be filled with delight and joy in our great God.
  • To be regenerated by a true knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • To be progressively growing in maturity toward Christ-likeness.
  • To be intentional in building authentic relationships with one another.
  • To be active in serving one another in love, using God-given gifts and abilities to benefit others.
  • To be diligent in speaking God's Word to one another and to our unbelieving neighbors.
  • To be vigilant in overcoming sin and the pervasive temptations to sin.
  • To be courageous in standing firm for God's truth, manifesting a dynamic Christian worldview.
  • To be deliberate in multiplying disciples across generations and across the world.

With these values in mind, we seek to:

  • Train parents through mentorship, modeling, and prepared materials.
  • Instruct each person with regard to biblical roles and responsibilities within the family and the church.
  • Keep whole households together in our church events as a priority, but also to allow various age-appropriate events.
  • Promote and protect time for families to spend time together and to practice hospitality.
  • Exercise Christ-centered/evangelistic hospitality toward one another and toward our neighbors.
  • Encourage family-level discipleship through Scripture reading, singing, praying, and the use of Christ-centered literature.