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Thank you for trusting us with your child.  We consider the nursery to be a ministry to you as well as your child.  The following information contains a few facts and procedures that you should read through.  There is also a copy of our "Wellness" policy.


  1. We have one permanent worker who alternates Sundays at 9:00 am & 10:45 am. Our other workers are volunteers who are on a 4-6 week rotation.


  1. When you arrive at the nursery please sign in your child. Fill in all the information requested and indicate who will be picking up your child


  1. Please label your diaper bags and your child's sippy-cups so we can prevent any sharing.


  1. Please inform the workers of any special needs your child might have (medical or behavioral)


  1. Inform the workers if your child is potty training.  Please make sure your child uses the restroom before leaving.


  1. We do provide a snack of animal crackers or goldfish.  A small cup of water is provided if your child did not bring their own sippy-cup.


  1. The workers will put your child in "time-out" if deemed necessary.  If your child is destructive or will not stop behavior that is hurting another child, the worker will come get you for assistance.


  1. You may be notified during Sunday School or Service if your child becomes ill, soils their clothes and has not other clothes available, if your child cries inconsolably for more than 15 minutes, or if your child has been injured.


  1. When picking up your child, the workers have been instructed that the children should be released only to their parents.  Siblings can not pick up children from the nursery unless you specifically instruct us otherwise.
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