Katy Bible Church is a church that loves missions. We long to see God receive glory throughout the nations as His gospel spreads.

We are currently supporting 30 missionaries and many of those missionaries have been sent out from Katy Bible Church. Almost 30% of our budget is designated to missions.

Some of our missionaries are serving in hostile environments and therefore we are not able to list them all online. With names removed, here is a list of organization and locations we support:


Child Evangelism Fellowship - Serbia

*The Navigators - Texas

The Navigators - US Headquarters

*Central Missionary Clearinghouse - Serbia

Mars Hill Productions - US Headquarters

Rio Grande Bible Institute - Texas

Higher Purpose Training Mission - Asia

World Reach - Albania

Chosen People Ministries - US Headquarters

Child Evangelism Fellowship - Houston, TX

Hindustan Bible Institute - India

KHCB - Houston, TX

*IBM Global - South Africa

GlobeWorks - Eastern Europe

*WorldVenture - Ukraine

New Tribes Mission - South America

Crossworld - France

Pregnancy Help Center - Katy, TX

OC International - US Headquarters

*Wycliffe International - Senegal

New Tribes Mission - US Headquarters

WorldVenture - Ukraine

The Navigators - Austin, TX

*Network of Int'l Christian Schools - Japan

*SEND International - Bulgaria

Rio Grande Bible Institute - Texas

Camp Peniel – Texas

*Pioneers - Peru


* From Katy Bible Church