Guidelines for Students and Parents

Guidelines for Parents

Always encourage your child. Children have much more fun when Mom and Dad show interest in their accomplishments.

Help children to attend AWANA every week and to arrive on time (Club begins at 4:45pm). Consistency builds friendships, achievement, and self discipline.

During the week, help your child prepare at least two to three sections. This will ensure they will complete their handbook and will receive their special awards, plus they will qualify for other AWANA activities.

Attend all major events. Parents are always welcome and are encouraged to attend special events as a way of showing your support and approval for your child's accomplishments.

Please review the discipline guidelines found later in this newsletter with your child. AWANA has very few rules of behavior. All rules of behavior will be strictly enforced so that all clubbers have an opportunity to learn as well as have fun.

Please plan to pick up clubbers promptly at 6:30 PM. Clubbers will not be permitted to leave the building without an adult coming to pick them up. If your child needs to be excused from participating in Game Time, please send a note to that effect to their leader; otherwise, they will be expected to participate with all other clubbers in all activities.


Wellness Policy

As we all know, sickness can keep going around with children, affecting not only the other children in your child's Awana group, but your family and other families as the illness goes "back and forth" between the children. Here is our established health policy for the Awana ministry.

Children SHOULD NOT attend Awana if they have any of the following symptoms:

* Fever - 100 degrees or higher within the last 24-hours
* Vomiting within the last 24 hours
* Diarrhea within the last 24 hours
* Runny nose if accompanied by other symptoms and/or colored discharge
* Bad Cough - coughing increases the chance of infection being spread to others
* Any rash that is suspected to be contagious

If your child is prescribed an anti-biotic, they must have been on the anti-biotic for a minimum of 48 hours prior to attending Awana


Uniform Guidelines

Clubbers and leaders are expected to wear their AWANA uniform to each club meeting. The goal of each AWANA Club is to have 100% of its attendees in uniform. A properly worn uniform helps AWANA clubbers and leaders earn respect and credibility. Clubbers MUST be in uniform to receive awards and participate as flag bearers.

Uniform inspections will be performed by the Directors at each meeting. For a personal inspection of your uniform, apply this standard: Does it appear neat and disciplined? The Club Commander will carefully examine clubbers' uniforms and award Game Time Points to clubbers appropriately attired.

Uniform Inspection Guidelines:
* Clean shirt or vest neatly worn
* Achievement badge correctly displayed
* Other award pins and/or patches neatly & appropriately displayed


Children and youth attending Awana should wear their uniform with loose fitting or athletic type comfortable clothing and "tennis" shoes in order to participate in the activities held on a typical evening.

Please do NOT let your child wear heels, flip-flops, sandals, dress shoes, or any other type of clothing and footwear that will prevent them from participating competitively during game time.

Clubbers and leaders are expected to wear their AWANA uniform to each club meeting. Clubbers MUST be in uniform to receive awards and participate as flag bearers.


Discipline Policy

There is no punishment in the AWANA program. All AWANA leaders will enforce the following discipline policy.
3-Count (Individual Discipline)
If a child is disrespectful or is disruptive to the club, the following procedure will occur:

A "1" count will be given for the first offense, and the child will be counseled by the AWANA leader observing the disruptive behavior.

A "2" count will be given for the second offense, and the child will be counseled by the commander outside the club room and then returned to club.

A "3" count is given and the child is taken by the Commander to their parent or guardian. If this occurs, the parents must meet with the Commander before the next club meeting and provide assurance to the Commander that child understands that the behavior exhibited was inappropriate in order for the child to return to club.

If the clubber has to be taken to the parent a second time, they must miss the next two club meetings, and a parent must meet with the Commander to discuss returning to club.

If a clubber is removed from club a third time, they will not be allowed back into the program for the remainder of the club year.

5-Count (Group Discipline)
This is used to bring a group to order. As the leader counts to "5", the clubbers should become quiet and still.

If your child has a special need, please tell the Commander.