Volunteer with AWANA

We ask you to prayerfully consider supporting our program with your time and prayers and or resources. If you are interested please read carefully through the information below and contact an AWANA official.


Guidelines For Leaders

- Leaders must be a believer in Jesus Christ, His death, burial and resurrection.

- Leaders must complete the required training, pass the test for their club, and be certified by the commander.

- Leaders must have a desire to work with and a compassion for children.

- Leaders must agree with the AWANA Doctrinal Statement as found in the Training Manual and set an example for children to follow through their conduct, especially by closely following the AWANA rules. Leaders should be on time for all club meetings which start at 4:30pm.

- Leaders should understand that AWANA is a place to carry out God's mission and pray regularly for the Club.


KBC offers orientation training for all AWANA leaders (see calendar). Leaders coming from other church AWANA programs must bring their records and they will be validated by contacting the references listed.