Women's Ministry

Christ loves and values every woman. Together, we encourage each other to step into God's design for us to grow in Christ and serve others.




We are excited to resume Women's Bible Study this Spring semester! Through our studies, we seek to grow closer to God by digging deep into His Word, while also connecting with each other in prayer and fellowship. Beginning January 23, two studies will be offered on Wednesday nights:


"The Word of the Lord: Seeing Jesus in the Prophets" by Nancy Guthrie
See the Old Testament prophets in a new light, as we aim to understand "not only what God had to say to his people through these prophets in their own day, but also what he has to say to his people today."
This 10 week study will be lead by Mary Ellen Tharp


"On Knowing Christ" by Jonathan Edwards
Join us as we reflect on Christ and the salvation that only He brings in this classic collection of sermons by Edwards, one of the foremost Reformed theologians of all time.
This 10 week study will be lead by Carolyn Morgan


Books will be provided to those who commit to attend.

For more information, contact Mary Ellen Tharp, Carolyn Morgan, or the church office, or simply fill out the form below.



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