Help with Member Log in

Some have mentioned difficulty with logging in to the members portion of this website. With that in mind we have created this page to help. If you are having a problem, it is likely one of the two problems below.

If, after trying the suggestions below, you still have trouble, please feel free to contact us. If you are a new member and have yet to receive log in information, contact us below. 


1.) Back in January you should have received an e-mail from "Katy Bible Church" with instructions for registering with the new website. If you received the e-mail and followed the instructions there but still cannot log in, try these suggestions:

  • Be sure that when you are attempting to log in you are clicking "Sign in with monkID". "Log in the Old Way" will NOT work. It is not referring to the Old way of logging in to the old Katy Bible site. You must click "Sign in with monkID"
  • Your username (monkID) is the e-mail address where you received the registration e-mail, so be sure that you are using that.
  • If you still cannot log in, click "learn more" on the log in page, which will prompt you to finish your registration process. This has worked for many people.
  • If none of the above works, contact Matt Lear.


2.) As mentioned above, in January an e-mail was sent from "Katy Bible Church" with instructions for registering with the new website. If you did not use that e-mail to register, you will need to find that e-mail and follow the instructions inside to register. If you lost it or never received it, contact Matt Lear and he will send you a new e-mail. There are a few things to keep in mind when you are registering.

  • When you are following the instructions to register, be sure that you click to create a monkID.
  • Refer to the instructions listed above, in 1.) for help.


Last of all, there is only ONE username per family. That username is the e-mail address at which you received an e-mail prompting you to register.

If at any point you need help contact us below detailing the problem, or give the church a call at 281-391-7284.