Simeon Trust

This Summer, Katy Bible Church will be offering "First Principles" an 8 week Bible training course from Simeon Trust. First Principles is a class which provides training for teaching the Word of God with accuracy and clarity.

This course is for anyone who currently teaches, desires to teach, or simply wants to learn more about studying God's Word. This is an 8 week course which will meet every couple of weeks in various homes. During the meetings we will watch the lessons together and go through exercises to apply what we have learned. Dates can be found below. Please note that we will also enjoy a meal together during these sessions.

DATES: (All sessions are 4:30pm - 7:30pm. Locations will vary)

- May: 5th & 19th

- June 2nd & 23rd

- July 7th & 21st

- August 4th & 18th



- If you plan to join us, please fill out the two forms below. The first form will only need to be filled out once. The second form will need to be filled out for each session for food planning purposes. Please note that scholarships are available (See Pastor Mancini for more information).

- Fill out this form to registration for the class (Chose "First Principles"): http://simeon.org/course/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=38&Itemid=234

- Fill out this form to notify us you will be attending.

Simeon Trust

Dinner will be provided. Knowing how many we will have will help to prepare the right amount of food.

If anyone in your party has food allergies, please list them here.

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